The Beauty of Canada

I started another series of square foot (12″ x 12″) paintings to celebrate the beauty of Canada. These are acrylic, 12″ x 12″ on stretched canvas and are $225/each. As I add to this series, you can see more at
On my website it shows which paintings are still available as originals and which are available as prints/reproductions only.

Here are some of the paintings in this series, and there are many more “works in progress”.

Screen shot 2018-03-29 at 10.51.31 AM

Screen shot 2018-03-29 at 10.52.01 AM.png


Work in Progress, Katherine Cove

The scenery around Lake Superior is absolutely beautiful. These photos show the progress on a painting of Katherine Cove. The painting I’m working on (shown below) is sold, but more artwork–depicting the area around Lake Superior–is on the go.

Once this painting is finished, prints will be available through my print-on-demand website at









Looking Up Again


Looking Up Trees

Here are some more paintings in the “Looking Up” series.  These three original paintings are available to rent or purchase and are each 4 feet by 6 feet.  They are painted on board with acrylic paint and are braced at the back and ready to hang.

To see more of my artwork, please visit .


P1500369 copy


Looking Up


I love painting trees.

I love painting with bold colours.

I love painting LARGE paintings.

I love painting LARGE paintings of TREES with BOLD COLOURS.

These 2 paintings are 4′ x 6′.  The originals are sold, but prints are available at my website…

Stay tuned for more LARGE paintings of TREES with BOLD COLOURS in the series, “Looking Up”.






Some More California Dreamin’

This is the winter that keeps on giving.   While the cold and snow continues, I’ve been adding paintings of warmer days to my Daily Paintworks gallery.  Here are some more paintings in the “California Dreamin’ ” series which was inspired by a walk along the Los Robles Trail in Thousand Oaks, California.





And here’s a link to my Daily Paintworks gallery:

Day 4 on the Daily Paintworks Site

Here’s a link to the painting I added to my Daily Paintworks gallery today:

And here’s a picture of the painting:



“Country Drive” by Sheila Diemert

This is a painting of a country road outside of St. Agatha, Ontario. I grew up in St. Agatha and spent many hours going for long walks along the country roads. Those country roads are depicted in many of my paintings.

Trying this again…

A long time ago, I thought I would start a blog.  And I DID!  I even made a couple of posts to it…   and that was it.  I forgot my password, dug around to find it again, forgot it again, thought about making more posts, thought about posting only pictures (because then I wouldn’t feel pressured to think of something clever to say)…   didn’t post any pictures…   didn’t make any more blog posts…   forgot my password again and tried to forget about having a blog.

Time went by…   Seasons changed…





And THEN…  Last week I attended a Creative Enterprise Initiative workshop called “Social Media:  Introduction”.  Amidst the twitter/facebook/pinterest/how-to-make-a-video-and-post-it-on-youtube talk, at some point–maybe more than once–it was stated that “Everyone should have a blog”.   By “everyone” I think they meant artists, musicians, the MUSEUM (where the workshop was hosted), cultural organizations and the like.

I went home and thought that at some point in the distant future, I would start a blog.  YES!!  I would do it this time!  I would become super-blogger, my alter ego, with ever-ready witticisms flowing from my typing fingers.  The day after the “CEI Worshop Wednesday”, my enthusiasm had somewhat dwindled.  It seemed that my blogging career might never begin.  Then…  to the rescue…   Darlene arrived at my place.

Darlene showed up with 3 canvases, a palette, some brushes, many jars of paint, and various and sundry art supplies.  Darlene is my new art student.  Her first class was last Thursday.

Here she is putting paint on her palette:


And here she is getting started on one of the canvases:Image

Darlene and I talked about lots of “stuff” while she painted.  One of the things  that was discussed during the art lesson was that “Everyone should have a blog”.  By “everyone”, I think Darlene meant “me”.

If there was audio with this next pic, you would hear Darlene saying, “Sheila, by next week I want to see a blog post”.Image

You might also hear her saying, “Sheila, I want to be in your blog post.  I want you to write ALL about ME”.  She didn’t actually say that, but she did mention that someone else in the Kitchener area had just featured her in a blog post.  I think she may have aspirations of being the most blogged-about resident in the Waterloo Region.

And here are the three canvases that Darlene worked on:Image

She is painting a triptych of some trees.  I think it will be great!

And now I’ve written my first blog post (besides those two lame posts I wrote ages ago, which I need to delete once I find my password)!

…because “Everyone should have a blog”.

Here’s the website for the MUSEUM (where the workshop, “Social Media:  Introduction”, took place):

And here’s a link to future events hosted by Creative Enterprise Initiative:

“Creative Enterprise Initiative is devoted to making Waterloo Region a vibrant and exciting place to live, work, play and stay by creating an exceptional environment for arts and culture to flourish.”