Work in Progress, Grand River Trail

There are many beautiful places to hike along trails in Kitchener, Ontario. These photos show a work in progress of the Grand River Trail.

The painting is 30″ x 60″, acrylic, on stretched canvas. The pictures show the development of the painting by adding many layers of paint. The original painting is currently for sale.

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Attention Realtors


Wouldn’t it be great if people visiting the homes of your clients started asking them who their realtor is?

Here’s how that could work…

I’ve often had strangers see my art at an art show and tell me that one of their friends has a painting of mine in their home.  When people see original art on display in a home; they inquire about it, remember it, and make connections through that artwork.

Realtors have used my artwork for staging and as client gifts.  This can lead to some wonderful opportunities to connect with new clients.  The painting that you give as a gift is a beautiful billboard for you–24/7 soft sell advertising.  People notice original art.  They ask questions.  Conversations begin…  “I like that painting.  Where did you get it?”  “It was a gift from my realtor.”  “Wow.  Who’s your realtor?”  …and then the conversation is all about you–what a wonderful job you did for them, how quickly their old house sold, how you found them the perfect home to purchase, etc.  It’s a conversation that starts because of the gift of that painting–a very positive conversation and one that people remember.

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Let’s get those conversations started.                                                                                                               DSCF4837 copy 2