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Forty Florals Series minus 38

One floral painting… Two floral paintings… Not yet three floral paintings nor four…

I’m working on a series of floral paintings. As the series title “Forty Florals” suggests, there should be at least two paintings (or forty) in the series when it’s completed. So far there are two. Two waterlily paintings or two water lily paintings (the space between water and lily can be there or not–I checked).

The 40 paintings are to be 36″ x 24″ (vertical) and priced at $395/each + shipping. Or you could make me an offer on purchasing a painting before the series is finished (you have some time to think about that), and I will give you a DEAL. Yes, a DEAL (that’s a “deal” in upper case).

Here are pics of the first two paintings in the “Forty Florals” series:




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