Live Music

I love going out to hear live music.  Last night I was at Maxwell’s Music House for a terrific concert by “Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect”.   Frank is a talented singer/songwriter/musician and a really nice guy.    All the guys in the band (there were 6 playing last night as well as Andrew Muncaster, who was the opening act) seemed like really nice guys, and they’re definitely all talented musicians.  They said they had had an Olympic day the previous day–curling (I think) and doing some sort of snowboarding in the wee hours of the morning…  and joked about it being a feat for them to be able to lift their instruments and make it onto the stage after their Olympic day.  The mix of instruments–saxophone, drums, stand up bass, percussion, keyboards, trumpet, fiddle, guitar and banjo–was impressive.  Add to that the vocal harmonies and the clever lyrics of the songs and it was a real treat for a wintery Wednesday night.

Check out the facebook page for Frank Deresti and the Lake Effect:

If they’re ever in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend attending a show.  They’re from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; but they do get to Southwestern Ontario now and then.  I’ve seen them twice in K-W in the past year.

Also worth keeping an eye on are the concert listings for Maxwell’s Music House.  It’s a great little venue where they feature first class musicians.  They also host rockstar camps during the summer and March break which are very popular for budding young performers ages 8-13 and 13-16.

Here’s a link to their website:

Now for the pictures…

Here are some paintings I’ve done of local musicians.

Douglas Watson:


Douglas’s facebook page:

Jamie Warren:


Jamie Warren’s facebook page:

Cuneyt Yetkiner:


Cuneyt’s facebook page:

And here is the link to the painting I added to my Daily Paintworks gallery today:

and a picture of the painting…



The Beauty of Winter

Well, it’s another cold winter day with a fresh snowfall.  This year the snowbanks are high and there always seems to be more shovelling to do.  I was never a big fan of winter, but I’ve come to appreciate the beauty much more since I’ve been painting winter scenes.

Here are a few of those scenes…







“Winter in Waterloo Park”…


“Winter in Bechtel Park”…


And here are the links to the paintings I’ve added to my Daily Paintworks gallery:

and the pictures…


“Red Pepper 1”


Still Life Paintings for a Birthday Present

Today I sold 4 still life paintings for a present for a 60th birthday.  I like grouping the paintings with some black backgrounds and some textured backgrounds (as in the picture below showing the ones purchased today).


Here are the links to two of them which I added to my Daily Paintworks gallery today:

And here are some more pictures of the paintings:





Day 4 on the Daily Paintworks Site

Here’s a link to the painting I added to my Daily Paintworks gallery today:

And here’s a picture of the painting:



“Country Drive” by Sheila Diemert

This is a painting of a country road outside of St. Agatha, Ontario. I grew up in St. Agatha and spent many hours going for long walks along the country roads. Those country roads are depicted in many of my paintings.

Daily Paintworks… Day 3 on the Site

It’s my third day on the Daily Paintworks site.  Here are links to the paintings I added today:

I’m determined to add artwork to the site each day (or at least each weekday).  There’s such a wealth of opportunities to market artwork online.

For example… I’ve created a business facebook page, and  here’s a link to it:

And I’m also on a print-on-demand website, where prints of many of my paintings can be ordered.  They have options for framing as well.  Here’s a link to that website:

While we’re at it, here’s a link to my pinterest profile:

I don’t want twitter to feel left out.  This is a link to my twitter account:

Finally, here are pictures of the still life paintings I added to my daily paintworks gallery today:


I have no idea why the picture of the apples is smaller than the picture of the pears.  Let’s just pretend that I meant it to be that way.

Daily Paintworks… Day 2 on the site

Here’s a link to the painting I posted today:

Here’s a link to my Daily Paintworks gallery:

And this is a picture of “Smile from Honduras”–the painting I added today.


There are only 2 paintings in my Daily Paintworks gallery right now, but I’m hoping to add 5-7 paintings a week.  Stay tuned to see if I follow through on this!

Daily Paintworks

I just joined the Daily Paintworks site and am hoping to add a few new paintings each week. Starting things off by selling original still life paintings at an introductory special price of $55/each (including shipping in Canada or to the US).

Here’s the link to my first painting: